Sheffield Labour MP gives advice to Miliband

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SHEFFIELD MP David Blunkett has called on fellow South Yorkshire politician and Labour leader Ed Miliband to gather support from all parts of the country.

Brightside and Hillsborough MP Mr Blunkett said that Labour needed to provide ‘a great deal more’ than just opposition to budget cuts.

Mr Blunkett’s comments follow those of former Prime Minister Tony Blair who warned Doncaster North MP Mr Miliband that Labour needs to offer more than being a party of ‘protest’.

Mr Blunkett said of Mr Miliband’s ‘One Nation’ vision: “It cannot and should never be simply the avoidance of the most obvious injustice.

“It has to be about a great deal more than politics built on grievance and unhappiness or a resentful and selfish public sphere.”

Mr Blunkett called for Labour to offer a ‘mutual sense of purpose’ to attract people working in the private sector and those not on benefits.

To win back power, Labour needs to widen its appeal beyond traditional working class areas.

Mr Blunkett said his party should ‘replace the politics of Conservative division with a morally more superior argument.”

Mr Miliband said: “What the Labour Party is doing under my leadership is moving on.”