Sheffield is far from being greenest city

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To say reducing landfill makes Sheffield the ‘greenest city’ in the world is rubbish (Star March 3). We have low landfill because we incinerate all but the most profitable recyclable waste under our inflexible contract with Veolia, which runs until 2036. Sheffield’s recycling, composting and reuse rate in 2012/13 was 27.72%. That put us 321st out of 352 councils in England.

But it’s not just about waste disposal. Our main carbon emissions come from transport and domestic heating, and they’re rising. Parking facilities in the city centre are increasing, but we lack an integrated local transport system. We’ve not done enough to stop energy leaking out of poorly insulated public buildings. Or utilised our manufacturing skills and capacity to take full advantage of job creation opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

There’s so much more that needs doing but, because of Council decisions, the city is far from being green in any real sense.

Brian Webster

Sheffield Green Party