Sheffield is a disgrace compared with Ireland

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Having just returned from Ireland, I found I had to compare Sheffield with the Irish cities I visited.

The first thing that hits you is the absence of litter, cans and bottles, there is no horrible graffiti, apart from the sectarian ones which don’t have tags or swear words.

All grass verges in and around the towns and cities are neatly cut and this includes all the houses and gardens.

You don’t see weeds growing out and alongside of footpaths everywhere is neatly trimmed.

In Phoenix Park, the biggest in Europe, every piece of grass was again neatly cut.

Among the places we visited were Monaghan, Newcastle, Downpatrick, Warrenpoint and the p village of Glaslough.

We also visited the city of my grandparents, Dublin.

Oh what a fantastic city, music is everywhere, the hustle and bustle of the place, the beautiful women everywhere. I should know as I married an Irish girl.

I do not wish to put down Sheffield but it is a disgrace. Litter is dropped in town without a litter warden anywhere to be seen. It’s unbelievable that a city as big as Sheffield doesn’t have any public toilets, after those in the Town hall and on the Moor closed and what was a free toilet in the Pond Street bus station now costs 20p .

If the council cut down on the consultants they employ doing feasibility studies and going on jaunts across the globe.

Vin Malone