Sheffield has a groundhog day

Here we go again! It started to snow in the early hours of Friday, Jan 7, and by the time I left home, just before 9am, the whole road system was in chaos.

I quickly decided to return home, but was still involved in two near misses with cars which slid sideways almost into my car at Sheffield Lane Top...a major road.

Cars and lorries stuck on the main roads, vehicles slipping all over, no sign of gritters or snow ploughs and certainly no First buses on the Shiregreen estate.

I don't blame First for any suspended services, the roads are treacherous, but will things ever get any better?

No doubt we will be told that the snow was unexpected, or it was the wrong type of snow at the wrong time. For goodness sake, they predicted snow on TV the previous evening so it was hardly a surprise and yet we were caught napping again. I can understand the side roads being treacherous, but why the main roads again?

No doubt it will afford our council leader yet another photo opportunity on television and in the press, as he explains once again, against the back drop of a mountain of grit, what a wonderful job the council is doing to clear the snow. Who does he think he is kidding? It's like Groundhog day every time it snows in Sheffield.

S.Collins, Shiregreen

Heavy snow forcast choas on roads again were are the gritters no doubt still having breakfast nothing changes

Brian Titterton

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