Sheffield grand prix cycle race

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I read your article about the winner of the cycle race that was held in Sheffield centre.

Holding a sporting event of this magnitude is no doubt a good thing for the city, but I can’t help but notice that your report failed to acknowledge the negatives the race brought with it.

The timing of the race was wrong, so very wrong. Held at rush hour as the city was making its way home was totally unacceptable. Nearly 90 buses were left forming a line almost all the way around the Moor.

Traffic on the inner ring road in two lanes was blocked all the way from the Bramall Lane junction as far away as Shalesmoor.

Buses ran with delays of over an hour and for a time some didn’t turn up because they were that late.

Some were given diversions which totally missed areas of the city centre.

There was an accident in one queue of traffic as a result of the bumper-to-bumper action.

A lot of people were left frustrated and angry at what seems apparently a poorly organised event.

If this had been put back even an hour to avoid the afternoon rush things would have been a hell of a lot different.

Had the race happened on a Sunday there would have been no issue at all!

The Star has failed to report on the bigger news.

Don’t get me wrong, as mentioned ultimately it’s a good thing to have the event. Its just poorly organised at the wrong times.

Dane Johnson

by email