Sheffield experiences driest September for 28 years

weather, Whirlow Brook Park
weather, Whirlow Brook Park
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Last month was the driest September in Sheffield for 28 years - weather experts have revealed.

Only 13.5mm of rain fell during the month - which is much less than the average rainfall of 64mm.

Alistair Mclean at Weston Park weather station

Alistair Mclean at Weston Park weather station

It is the lowest amount seen at Museums Sheffield’s Weston Park Weather Station, since 1986 when only 9.5mm of rainfall fell in September.

But it is far higher than the driest September recorded, when only 0.6mm of rain fell in 1952.

According to the centre, which shares its weather figures with Star readers every month, September was also a warm month with recorded temperatures much higher than average.

The mean temperature was 14.5C, which is higher than the average 13.7C and higher than it has been for the last two years.

It was 13.8C in 2013 and 13.3C in 2012.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences at Museums Sheffield said although some parts of the city experienced more rain in September, there was not as much at Weston Park.

He said: “Sheffield hasn’t had as dry a September as other parts of the country.

“In fact, some parts of Sheffield had a considerably wetter September than even Weston Park.

“Sheffield’s position on a series of hills can make the rainfall very localised, which is what happened earlier in the month, when there were a series of cloudbursts in north and east Sheffield that didn’t affect Weston Park in the west.”

The warm and dry weather is not set to last long though, with forecasters predicting that rain is set to move into the region from Friday.

It will create unsettled weather with a more ‘autumnal feel’ and more typical temperatures for the season.

The council’s Streets Ahead teams in Sheffield are preparing for ‘whatever the weather has to throw at them’ as the winter maintenance season begins.

Road teams have 19 gritters, 19 snow ploughs and 15 tractor ploughs - as well as stockpiles of grit, a snow blower and constant weather updates - to help them keep on top of the task and ensure the city’s roads are moving.

Commuters are also being urged to make themselves familiar with new gritting routes - which were controversially cut by 94 miles by Sheffield Council.

■Log on to for details of the new routes and locations of grit bins.