Sheffield couple’s Egyptian holiday nightmare

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A relaxing holiday which turned into an ‘absolute nightmare’ when a Sheffield couple fell seriously ill is being investigated by a law firm.

Ann Smith from Chapeltown, fell ill with serious gastric problems during her stay at the Jaz Mirabel Beach resort in Egypt in June.

Her husband was so poorly that he was admitted to hospital when he returned home, where it was discovered he had contracted Salmonella.

Lawyers have now stepped in to investigate the cause of their sickness at the resort - where holidaymakers have reported problems since 2007.

Nurse Ann, aged 54, said: “The illness really knocked us for six and we suffered diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pains.

“It was awful and we were both so lethargic, which meant we just couldn’t enjoy the rest of the holiday.

“As the break went on, we noticed how on occasions some food appeared to be left out for long periods of time, and we saw what looked like new food being added to trays with existing food.

“We also saw the same utensils being used to handle different foods and we sometimes saw birds in and around the restaurant area at the beach bar.

“I visited the resort’s clinic for treatment, but both my husband and I needed to see our GP when we got home - he even had to spend a few days in hospital where it was confirmed he had contracted Salmonella.”

The couple were both signed off work for several weeks following their ordeal.

Ann added: “Being a nurse, there was simply no way I could have gone into work considering what we had been through.

“This was supposed to be a relaxing break but just ended being an absolute nightmare.

“You simply do not expect to fall ill when you go on holiday.

“We have instructed Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of our illness and to help us get the answers we want about what caused us both to be so ill.”

Expert illness lawyers from Irwin Mitchell have started investigating what happened.

Clare Comiskey, from the firm’s international personal injury team, said: “The first-hand accounts we have heard have raised a number of concerns and also highlight the significant impact that illness of this nature can have on victims – in some cases leading them to develop long-term symptoms which can cause disruption to their work and personal life.

“We have successfully represented many British holidaymakers with claims for damages for illness following stays at the Jaz Mirabel Beach hotel over recent years.

“We are now making our own enquiries regarding what caused recent guests at the hotel to become so severely ill.”