Sheffield councillor’s litter lout car chase

Sioned Mair-Richards
Sioned Mair-Richards
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A Sheffield councillor who caught litter louts dumping rubbish near her home chased the culprits in a dramatic mission.

A Sheffield who caught litter louts dumping rubbish near her home followed the culprits in a dramatic car chase.

Coun Sioned-Mair Richards - who says fly-tipping is ‘ruining’ the area she lives in Burngreave - leapt into action when she spotted two men offloading bags of rubbish this morning.

She tried to block off the men with her car to stop them escaping but they drove away down Petre Street.

But Coun Richards, who represents Shiregreen, continued to follow them around the area in a bid to find out their details.

She said: “They could see that I was following them and they were determined to shake me off.

“They were driving faster and faster in order to get away from me and I decided that this was getting too dangerous, so I let them get away from me.

“However, I had managed to get more details about the vehicle type and its registration number.”

The councillor passed on the information she had gathered to South Yorkshire Police for investigation.

She also took photographs of the piles of rubbish dumped on Harleston Street and passed it on to environmental protection officers at the council.

The two men were offloading black and green bags from a large, dark red car.

Coun Richards added: “I hate fly-tipping - it is totally unnecessary.

“It costs all of us a lot of money to clear up and is ruining the area where I live.

“Some people think they can get away with fly-tipping locally because it is near industrial land and next to parks.

“I hope these people are caught and punished.

“They ought to be made to do many hours of cleaning up the fly-tipping that they and others have done.”