Sheffield candidates’ pledge over average wage

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Three candidates are set to fight seats in Sheffield at the forthcoming general election for an

‘anti-austerity’ party.

Ian Whitehouse

Ian Whitehouse

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition says it will also field candidates in each of the 28 Sheffield Council wards for the local elections on Thursday, May 7.

For the general election, Maxine Bowler is hoping to win votes in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Alan Munro in Sheffield Heeley and Ian Whitehouse in Sheffield South East.

Community worker Ms Bowler, of Heeley, transport worker Mr Munro,from Norfolk Park and Mr Whitehouse all stood in last year’s Sheffield local elections.

Each has pledged that, if they are elected, they will accept the average Sheffield wage – of about £22,000 – as a salary and donate the rest of their Parliamentary pay to good causes.

Alan Munro

Alan Munro

MPs are currently paid £67,060 although it is set to increase by 10 per cent.

Mr Munro, aged 45, said: “The average wage pledge is because we want to reflect the people we are trying to represent and keep as close to our roots as possible, to basically say ‘we are one of you.’”

Mr Munro said the party believed tax avoidance and evasion should be ‘cut at the core’ and the public sector was being used as a ‘cash cow’ by the Government.

A party spokesman said it was hoping to ‘build on’ the 2,650 votes it gained last year across 21 council seats.

Maxine Bowler

Maxine Bowler

An election rally will be held in Sheffield city centre, on Monday,March 23, at the Novotel Hotel, Arundel Gate.

Former ‘militant’ Labour MP Dave Nellist, who kept less than half his Parliamentary salary while elected and was laterexpelled from the party, is the headline speaker as TUSC’s national chairman.