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I am following with interest the various articles in your paper about the Sheffield bus revisions.

Whilst the publicity for these changes has been appalling and the “consultation” totally inadequate, the case for opposing the changes is made ludicrous by your reporting.

Repeatedly your articles have reported that service 19 and 20 are being reduced to hourly.

In fact service 20 via Warminster Road is increasing from every 20 minutes to every 15.

Repeatedly you focus on the withdrawal of the lightly used SL2 from Stannington to Malin Bridge when it will be, effectively replaced by an improved service 81 over exactly he same route.

One article implied that the “poor old folks” would have no buses from Wisewood when their service will still offer buses to town and Hillsborough.

If this profit increasing service cutting project is to be exposed and mitigated, then the public needs the facts, not misleading and ill-informed prattle from The Star.

If your reporter wants to know the details of the proposals, please get in touch - I will be happy to help.

And why aren’t you complaining vociferously about the disgraceful treatment of folk on Derbushire Lane, (between Scarsdale Road and Graves Park).

Instead of a bus every 20 minutes (20A) to City, they get a bus every hour (18) but only to the bottom on Scarsdale Road.

Peter R White

by email