Sheffield bullying victim shares ordeal

Samantha Cave at her home in Gleadless who is appearing in a documentary about bullying after being a victim herself

Samantha Cave at her home in Gleadless who is appearing in a documentary about bullying after being a victim herself

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A BULLYING victim who turned her life around after it was ‘ruined’ by cruel teenagers has shared the experience in a TV documentary.

Samantha Cave was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression following years of abuse during her time at secondary school.

But the ambitious 21-year-old now runs her own beauty business, is studying for a degree and also moving to Dubai.

She hopes her appearance on documentary Bullied, screened last night and presented by former glamour model Jodie Marsh, will help others suffering the effects of bullying.

Former volunteer Samantha, from Gleadless, said: “I did it to help other people.

“Bullying can ruin your life – it ruined mine. I want to show people that instead of letting them ruin it forever I just changed my life. I want people to realise that you can get help, you just have to fight.”

Samantha, whose father Simon Cave died in a jet-skiing accident when she was 12, said the bullying began after a ‘silly argument’ with a friend online.

But soon more people started to taunt Samantha, abuse her online and even make death threats.

“It went on for about two years,” said the former Birley Community College pupil.

“I had names called, all kind of things thrown at me. I had a hate website set up against me. People threw things at my house and I had death threats, people saying things to me in the street.

“I became really ill, struggled to eat and some days even had to be watched because I couldn’t be on my own.”

Police and teachers did not step in to stop the bullying despite her family’s many complaints, claims Samantha.

And she is leaving the country after another incident at the end of last year, when her Facebook account was hacked.

Samantha, with mum Loraine, is hoping to help bullying victims. She added: “If it wasn’t for my mum I think I would have done something I regretted. She told me I had to get my exams so I could move on.

“Now I’ve got my own business in beauty, I’m at university to do clinical and forensic psychology and I’m moving to Dubai in September. I really don’t want to stay here because of it all.”

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