Shedding no tears

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I’LL be shedding no tears over the earlier than expected demise of Sheffield Homes.

Let’s not forget their unreasonable behaviour on the families who only wanted to allow their offspring to play games on a communal piece of land.

Since day one they’ve gone out of their way to upset tenants with such daft notions as bullying gardeners by telling them not to put out CDs to scare birds and if you want fruit trees, you should hang a notice to warn people that an apple may fall on someone’s bonce!

They also ignore my letters of a broken porch at the rear of my home, caused by gale force winds almost every other week up here in north west Sheffield.

We should also, according to Sheffield Homes, arrange our furniture to where they want it (“That radiogram, Mr Godfrey, should be positioned beside your sideboard, not in that recess”).

They are safety-conscious, putting in a bath tub instead of a walk-in shower, despite the fact that I’m slightly disabled.

Their favourite trick is to give you the run-around when you visit their office, sending you from Penist-one Road to Hillsborough Barracks, where I am told the staff dealing with my case are is otherwise engaged. As if!

Hopefully Sheffield Homes will take Kier with them. As far as I’m concerned, their work is very sub-standard.

PT Godfrey, North Sheffield