Shameful thing is Britain should have dealt with ‘hate’ cleric

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I was pleased to hear that justice has at last prevailed and that the ‘hate’ cleric, Abu Hamza, has been handed a life sentence in America by New York judge, Katherine Forrest.

She said that this punishment was the only option because she could never conceive of a time when he would not be a danger to the public and that she never wanted him to be released.

Branding him ‘barbaric’ and ‘evil’ she told him “the sheer point of your crimes is the killing of others and the destruction of a way of life, our way of life. This is unacceptable in a civilised society”.

This mad-man was allowed to preach his hate-filled rantings against the West on the streets of London for far too long whilst taking advantage of this country’s generous welfare benefits for himself and his family.

He indoctrinated many young Muslims with his warped teachings at the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London, many of whom have joined terrorist cells including one devotee, who it now emerges was involved in the CharlieHebdo massacre.

The shameful thing is that the police and security services in Britain failed to deal with this awful man and that it has taken the United States judicial system to put him where he belongs – permanently behind bars.

There are still far too many of his kind at large who are plotting atrocities who need to be dealt with in the same way before they cause any more carnage.

The terrible events in Paris are a challenge to our freedoms from radical Islam and President Francois Hollande described it as a ‘war’ which politicians cannot ignore any longer.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10