Sez Les: Man United’s troubles sound familiar!

David Moyes
David Moyes
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It’s normally the manager (particularly the previous Man United manager) handing out the hair dryer treatment. Listen to disgruntled Man U fans on the phone-ins and they are the ones giving out the hot blasts. And in the manager’s direction too.

But it is all very strange and something we’re not used to. Now that might might apply, you may reckon, to all Man United fans right now. They’re not used to what’s going on at their club.

Such as losing at home. A few times. Such as getting the rough end of refereeing decisions (when did that last happen to them at Old Trafford?). Such as the manager getting a bit of stick. Such as being in the pack and not quite where you want to be. And being knocked out of the FA Cup in the third round.

Identify with any of that? You can almost hear the fans of most other clubs saying “Welcome to our world”. Their teams do lose at home. They do come off second best with refereeing decisions. They do have to scrap to get where they want to be.

Manchester United have been so dominant for so long, many appeared almost subservient when turning up at Old Trafford. And if teams did manage to hold on, it was only until some late surge provided United with a late winner. How many of those did they get?

But Sir Alex has gone and, suddenly, it’s different. And it seems certain sections of the media are getting stuck into them too - and probably enjoying it.

David Moyes looks more troubled and helpless on the touchline than he ever did at Everton. The title has gone and they are reduced to sweating on even making the Champions League. The Capital One Cup would be a consolation bauble to grasp.

Sir Alex looks to have gone at exactly the right time although it’s hard not to imagine they would be quite where they are, had he stayed.

For now, they are struggling; questions being asked; fingers pointed and they are wondering if it will get worse. Yes, sounds familiar to many!

*You may reckon Alan Hansen talks a lot of sense or that he has spouted some rubbish in his time. This week was rubbish time.

He wants FA Cup replays scrapping. Why? So the top Premier League clubs won’t have an extra game. Fine for them. But what about clubs lower down the food chain for whom replays can be a godsend, even a lifesaver? Not to mention throwing up great games and memories. Spare everyone a thought.