Sez Les: How many of the locals will drop?

Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson
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As they used to say when doing the old pools coupons... perm any one from three. Or should that be two from three? Or, perish the thought, might all three go?

We’re talking bottom of The Championship here. And whilst Sheffield Wednesday, Doncaster Rovers and Barnsley all take a break this weekend from league games and switch to the FA Cup, their uppermost thoughts might just be on what awaits them in the second half of the season.

We all know what that might eventually happen because all three are involved in a relegation battle. And it is very difficult indeed not to come to the conclusion that there is going to be at least one South Yorkshire casualty come May and that club will find themselves in League One.

Barnsley are bottom; Doncaster are third bottom and Wednesday have just managed to jump out of the bottom three (at Donny’s expense) to move to the heady heights of fifth bottom.

Now plenty can happen with as many as 22/23 games to play. But there are some ominous signs and, with the best will in the world, it is difficult to believe that all three South Yorkshire clubs will survive.

For all three to survive, they would all have to overhaul Charlton in addition to topping Yeovil and Millwall (who should be getting a new manager in soon). The teams immediately above Charlton are Bolton and Birmingham and you wouldn’t expect them to become involved although it’s strange what happens when looking over your shoulder with anxiety.

Barnsley are in the most peril and Danny Wilson certainly has the toughest job as the Reds look for a second great escape after last season’s miracle.

Doncaster have had some worrying 3-0 scorelines just lately. Then you see a great effort sunk in stoppage time at QPR and begin to think the worst rather than take the positivity from pushing such a fancied team to the limit.

Of course, there’s a relegation fight in League One too for Sheffield United. Mind you, they seem least likely of any of the local clubs to go down. Anyway, good luck to them all.

Somebody did say that if all three went down, the Blades and Rotherham stayed put and Chesterfield went up, all six local clubs would be in the same division. And asked if it had ever happened before. No.