Sex attack cab driver found guilty at court

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A ‘PREDATORY’ minicab driver has been told to expect a long prison sentence - after being found guilty of attacking two women in his car.

City Taxis driver Zahoor Mahmood, aged 40, from Balfour Road, Darnall was convicted by jurors at Sheffield Crown Court of two counts of sexual assault and two of false imprisonment. He took the women to secluded locations, offered them crack cocaine - and then attacked them.

One of the victims, aged 17, spoke to police for more than 30 minutes on her mobile while Mahmood drove her round Sheffield. She pretended she was phoning a friend.

Judge Simon Lawler QC told Mahmood he had ‘shown no remorse’, and said he will be sentenced in six weeks after psychological tests.

“When two young women, alone and vulnerable, came into your taxi, you used your position as a cab driver to hold them,” he told him.

“You tried to take advantage of them. You made a sexual advance on them which they rebuffed. You seem to think women are easy prey. They were scared and the effect on them will remain for a long time.”