Sex abuse victim puts attacker in jail

Fallon Marlow who was abused by her foster dad
Fallon Marlow who was abused by her foster dad
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Brave Fallon Marlow – who was sexually abused as a teenager – has waived her right to anonymity to urge other victims to speak out.

The 30-year-old is today speaking publicly about her ordeal after 64-year-old James Street was jailed for eight months after admitting four specimen counts of indecent assault.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, the mum-of-two – whose abuser was jailed on her 30th birthday – said: “I advise other girls in my situation to get help. Be strong and report it to the police. Don’t let it carry on like I did – what they are doing to you is wrong.”

Fallon was aged 15 and in foster care when builder Street befriended her foster mum.

She claims he stole her virginity and for the next five years had sex with her every day.

Fallon said: “I knew it was wrong, but I was too scared to tell my foster mum, because I thought I would be moved again and there’d been enough upheaval in my life. I was very confused and frightened. I needed love and attention, but I knew it was wrong at the same time.

“I craved a father figure, because I never had a dad. He told me I was the apple of his eye and he loved me.”

Fallon, from Dronfield, said Street met her from school and sexually abused her, giving her foster mother money so she could go out and play bingo – leaving Fallon in his clutches.

She said: “He would tell me not to say anything about the abuse because, if I did, he would get locked up.”

Fifteen years on Fallon, who lives with her husband Andrew, aged 49, and their children, still suffers from the psychological effects of the abuse and regularly has panic attacks so severe she is unable to breathe.

She takes medication for her anxiety, is on antidepressants and attends counselling.

Fallon said: “For years I bottled it up and kept it all a secret. Now when I think about what he did to me it makes me feel sick.

“I have nightmares about him and I sometimes think I see him on the street.”

Fallon said she was speaking out after having a family of her own.

“I would hate to think of anything like that happening to my daughter and I realise how wrong it was. That’s why I went to the police.

“They were very supportive and investigated things that happened a long time ago quickly. I would urge anyone in the same position to ask for help.”

Fallon has also slammed the amount of time it took for Street, of Townhead Road, Dore, to be put behind bars.

He first appeared in court last June, when he admitted abusing Fallon. However, due to a series of administrative blunders, he was only sentenced yesterday.

“It has been really stressful,” she said.