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I have just read an article in one of the national newspapers about – yes, you’ve guessed it – trees!

The article says that living in leafy suburbia could make you feel seven years younger and inhabitants of tree-lined streets have fewer heart problems and are slimmer than others. The effect cannot be explained simply by saying that those living in greener areas are wealthier. The study from which these views is produced goes on to say that the trees we can see from our windows are particularly restorative.

The researchers combined data on tree cover with detailed information on the health of more than 30,000 residents of one city and this showed a clear link between trees on streets and health, although not those in gardens and parks.

The university team carrying out the investigation said the benefit of trees may be due to the way they mop up pollution and relieve stress when we look at them and furthermore trees are especially useful because they are readily accessible.

A Royal Horticultural Society spokesman said that there is a move towards putting trees back in towns and cities.

Their effect on health, he says, is fantastic, but trees have multiple benefits – they cool by shading, are home to a wide range of wildlife, help reduce flooding and filter pollution and, lastly, they don’t just look nice, they really are doing all these good things for us too.

So there you are ladies and gentlemen of Sheffield City Council and Messrs Amey, you can now put your tree papers in the filing cabinet and get on with making our roads and footpaths all nice and smooth and make us all feel another seven years younger.

Peter Fox

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