Seven in battle for Sheffield council seat

Voters will go to the polls in Arbourthorne ward tomorrow.
Voters will go to the polls in Arbourthorne ward tomorrow.
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Voters will go to the polls tomorrow to choose a new member of Sheffield Council following the death of a councillor.

A by-election has been called for one of the three seats in Arbourthorne ward, following the death of Labour councillor John Robson.

Mr Robson, who served the ward for 10 years, lost his battle with cancer, aged 65, last October

Returning officer John Mothersole, council chief executive, said: “Due to the sad death of Mr Robson, a vacancy in the Arbourthorne area is available and we are holding the by-election to fill this.

“We hope as many people as possible turn out to vote for their chosen candidate.”

The other two Arbourthorne seats are held by Coun Julie Dore, council leader, and Coun Jack Scott.

Mike Drabble, of White Lane, Charnock, Labour

The 42-year-old Sheffield College student support worker said: “As the Labour candidate, I’ll campaign on the issues which affect people every day.
“We need to work hard to ensure our young people have jobs, our elderly are looked after, and that all residents have a chance to live in clean, safe, affordable housing.
“We need to pull together to make sure that though prices are rising every member of our community has enough heat for their homes and enough food to eat.
“We need to make sure we fight the Tories and Lib Dems as they give tax cuts to the richest in society while making life harder for working people.
“Labour is the only party that can effectively deliver this.”

Jennyfer Barnard, of Myrtle Road, Heeley, Green Party

The 47-year-old civil servant said: “I am aware of how government and council policies affect lives and livelihoods in Arbourthorne. 
“The number of people relying on food banks is increasing, and the bedroom tax is affecting many people here.
“ Big energy price increases over recent years make it a choice between heating or eating for some families. 
“I believe people need to be helped and encouraged to make their properties as energy efficient as possible. 
“We also need improved, integrated public transport and more support for local businesses to keep money within local economies.
“The Green Party offers a clear alternative in arguing for economic stimulus to create real jobs.”

Alan Munro, of Guildford Rise, Norfolk Park, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 44-year-old transport worker said: “Instead of passing on government cuts, the council should stand up for people against the government. There is no need for cuts. The money is there. There is £120 billion in unpaid taxes by the rich and big corporations. 
“As a socialist councillor, I would demand the council accounts be opened to public scrutiny, to expose that more than 50 per cent of council spending now goes to private companies. I would lead a campaign to bring those services back in-house and mobilise people to fight for the grants stolen by the government from our city. 
“Then we could restore children’s centres, keep libraries open and pay a decent living wage to all workers.”

Susan Ross of The Causeway, Dore, Liberal Democrat

The Liberal Democrat candidate is a 59-year-old former Sheffield secondary school teacher.
She said: “Local Liberal Democrats continue to fight for a stronger economy and a fairer society. 
“Our Labour city council continues to waste funds on pet projects and political priorities, while at the same time threatening to close local libraries in the city.
“Meanwhile, their anti-business attitude is damaging the city and driving away jobs.
“Given the current make-up of the council, it’s a clear choice between Liberal Democrats and Labour.
“Only the Liberal Democrats can protect local libraries from Labour’s Town Hall plans.”

Bob Sheridan, of Abbey Brook Court, Meadowhead, UKIP

Mr Sheridan said: “I’m standing because the people of Arbourthorne deserve better than the tired old politics we’ve had here in Sheffield for too long.” 
Bob’s plan for Arbourthorne includes fighting to bring back weekly bin collections, cutting councillors’ allowances, fighting to save the city’s libraries, fighting local budget cuts and ‘working with the police to ensure the local community is safe’.
UKIP said: “Cut spending on consultants, advertising and plush council offices, not essential front-line services.
“184,000 Sheffield residents use our libraries. Bob wants to prevent the planned closures of half of Sheffield’s libraries.”

Peter Smith, of Cawdor Road, Arbourthorne, Conservative

Talking about the 53-year-old factory worker, the Tory party said: “Peter is committed to providing better opportunities for all residents of this ward. Nationally, the Conservative-led government is fighting to restore the economy after Labour’s debt frenzy and in Sheffield, successive Labour and Lib Dem councils have been building up huge debts that our children and grandchildren will need to repay. 
“The Lib Dems posture at opposing Labour, but their record in council was the debt increased faster than under Labour. Labour and the Lib Dems cannot be trusted with our taxes. 
“Sheffield needs a Conservative voice and Peter is the voice of the hard-working people of Arbourthorne.”

David Wildgoose, of Old Park Road, Greenhill, English Democrats

The 48-year-old computer programmer said: “England is suffering the brunt of the Coalition’s Cuts – twice the cuts made to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, despite England having lower spending to start with. “These cuts are then made worse by Labour’s bad decisions such as closing community facilities like our libraries. England loses because we have no-one to speak out specifically for us - unlike the others we don’t have our own devolved Parliament. Our Council Tax keeps going up, but in Scotland it has been frozen for the last seven years. We pay prescription charges - the others don’t. The English Democrats Party was set up to end this discrimination against England and give us a voice.”