Service by Royal Mail is disgusting

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After a postman was sacked for withholding post for more than two years, we are now getting the “stolen mail” dating back to 2012.

At the same time, residents in Highgreen, Jeffcock Road, South Road and Alma Road areas are getting their mail when Royal Mail decides to delivering it.

Take three days last week for instance, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we had mail after 6pm! My elderly mother was waiting for a hip cancellation appointment whereby if someone cancels you may get a quick slot, provided you ring intime!

Thanks to the delay in late post my mother missed that slot of the day, please call to confirm by 9.45am on the day, the letter arrived at 6.22pm.

The service is disgusting, not trustworthy and a shambles! It took over two years for Royal Mail to let us know why letters dating back more than two years old were now arriving! First class, second class. Neither!

Jackie Briggs