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Just as I was starting to think Labour must be paying a fiver to Terry Palmer for every snide remark about Tory voters and Tory toffs, he suddenly says a few sensible things.

The so-called nasty party did not stand outside the Labour conference throwing things and shouting abuse at the young women.

I would never vote for Labour but do vote Ukip for local council and Conservative for government.

I do not live in an ivory tower, I am on a council estate and every day I see why some benefits need to be cut.

Labour are once again saying we need to take in more refugees.

Germany told them they were welcome and are already struggling to cope with the numbers.

We have done our share over the years and this city now has many areas where you are made to feel a stranger in your own country.

Police, hospitals, doctors and schools are being pushed to breaking point.

A worried pensioner