Send out informative letters

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I totally agree with the writer of the letter, ‘Our Scooter Woes’. It should have been obvious to the person concerned at Sheffield Homes that the letter sent out by them would panic those who received it.

Perhaps this was the desired intention – maybe to save money by panicking and pressurising people into bearing the full burden of costs for outbuildings for scooters.

I couldn’t keep my scooter in the flat without it causing injury to myself and wife: I have cerebral palsy and my wife has health problems that affect her mobility.

I would urge anyone who received the letter not to feel pressurised into selling their scooter. Sheffield Homes have a legal and moral fight if they try taking scooters away.

Sheffield Homes should send out informative and helpful letters, not least concerning what financial help would be available for outbuildings and do this before this ludicrous health and safety ruling is approved, if indeed it is.

S Delaney, Woodhouse

Funding public sector pensions

Re the article about public sector pensions. The alleged public support for their actions and claims must surely highlight the fact that it is time for a long overdue review so all pensions are paid on the same basis.

All public sector employees’ pensions including those of teachers, university staff, police, firemen, NHS staff, civil servants, local authority employees, MPs etc should be paid at 65 and at the same basic state pension as everyone else – not the gold-plated, index-linked, final salary schemes some receive.

It has long been obvious that the current final salary schemes are not sustainable and have to be supported by funding from other taxpayers. This is unfair: why should I be paying tax on my pension to subsidise those in the public sector?

If public sector employees want enhanced pensions they should be funded by themselves – the same as employees in the private sector.

Mr and Mrs Nutton, Stannington