Segregated smokers’ areas really did work

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I loved the headline to Rachael Clegg’s article (July 22): Let’s Smoke Our Way To A Healthy Lifestyle.

The article was fearless, witty and funny, while making a serious and thought-provoking point.

As a moderate (usually at home) smoker I agree with her view that people should have a choice and successive governments seem intent on eroding all personal choices and responsibilities. What next? A ban on drinking and eating in pubs as we are all in danger of becoming obese alcoholics?

Many non-smoking friends used to choose to sit in smoking areas and even now huddle outside to enjoy a natter. Rachael is right: the pub industry has been killed along with working men’s clubs, which were often the only places where elderly people could meet friends for a chat, a pint and a fag - a respite from long, lonely hours home alone!

Rachael is right to say community spirit is being lost and more and more people sit at home to enjoy a drink and a smoke. Even moderate smokers and considerate smokers, who don’t go out of their way to blow smoke in people’s faces. Yes they exist!

What was wrong with segregated areas? They worked!

Polly M Stewart, Woodall