Security man died minutes after arranging lift to work

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A DONCASTER man died within a few minutes of arranging to be given a lift to work, an inquest heard.

Graham John Cook, a single man, spoke to his boss at 4.30am on Sunday, October 23, last year but did not show up at the meeting point at 5am.

His supervisor, Ian Darby, thought he had decided not to go to work so headed off but became concerned later when he heard nothing from him.

On the way home he stopped at Mr Cook’s house in Coronation Road, Balby, and asked a neighbour about his whereabouts. They both went to the back door and could see Mr Cook lying on the kitchen floor.

After forcing their way in they found he was dead. Nearby was his box of sandwiches for work.

Mr Darby said he dropped the 45-year-old off the previous evening after their shift as security officers and said he would pick him up on Sunday morning.

Mr Cook called him at 4.30am to verify the arrangement and Mr Darby said he would pick him up at the end of the street at 4.45am.

It was 5am when he got there but there was no sign of Mr Cook.

He waited until 5.15am and then set off to pick up other staff.

Police called to the house said there were no suspicious circumstances and the deceased’s mother, Beryl Cook, said he was in good health when she spoke to him the previous evening.

A toxicology report was negative and there was no alcohol in his body.

The autopsy carried out by Dr Suzanne Rogers was unable to ascertain a cause of death but she said the most likely reason would be an unascertained cardiac arrythmia which cannot be detected after death. Assistant Coroner Mark Beresford recorded a verdict of natural causes.