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Thanks to all the employment agencies that my long term umemployed partner has registered with.

In 12 to 18 months he has registered with at least five, travelling as far as Leeds to register as it offered work in Sheffield.

So far we have repeatedly had the response of ‘work starts at the end of the month’, no matter which month you ring up in, even one advertised immediate starts.

I am fed up with my other half travelling to register only to find that own transport is required though not mentioned on the Jobcentre Plus website.

I am slowly getting really annoyed with being told: ‘We’re just taking names and numbers’ and never given the courtesy of a call-back.

If there are not actual jobs available why are they advertised?

And why, oh why, when my other half rings for an advertised vacancy that is within his capabilities, and he gets hopeful of employment as he’s invited for an immediate interview, he virtually runs to the agency to register, only to find that the actual employment was nothing to do with what was advertised and discussed and therefore out of my partner’s ability?

I understand that he is not the only unemployed person and there is a lot of competition, but surely this is disheartening for so many people who only want to earn a bit of money and hopefully get off benefits. Even the benefits staff look down their noses when he says he’s ringing for vacancies but hears nothing.

Thank you for leaving us hanging, ever hopeful, of one day getting a call.