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Every time I open The Star and see those same Labour faces speaking about the elected Mayor of Sheffield I truly despair at the futility of the project.

Ashton, Dore, Blunkett and all the rest are about as much use as chocolate fire guards. Sheffield is trapped within their inept ideological quagmire of political schmaltz.

It is time to cut ties with the Labour yoke and accept they have failed us.

They condemn the Con-Lib-Dem Government with accusations of ineptitude and mismanagement when in fact all this Government is doing is attempting to control the wild fires started by the previous administration.

They scream out for the million unemployed young people – young people who would be doing the jobs that are currently being soaked up by those taking advantage of the open door policy of the previous Government, a door that is proving hard to close.

They scream out that the financial black hole our economy faces is the responsibility of David Cameron and not the insane spending of both Blair and Brown, spending that was unsustainable in the short-term never mind the long-term. Spending on a scale that will destroy countries like Greece and doom the Eurozone to oblivion.

No. Cameron and his team aren’t perfect but compared to Labour’s alternatives, they are awesome. So that is why I do not wish to see any of the usual suspects attempt to take on this position. I want a competent, business-savvy person with Sheffield at the forefront of their minds to take control.

Hard decisions need to be made and the usual suspects are not up to it. The last thing Sheffield needed to do to save money was to implement a charge for green bins.

They would have been better off ensuring that anti-social people are removed from society and those that choose to live outside the law and perpetuate a gang culture are incarcerated for it is these that soak up so much of the yearly budget... not my privet trimmings or refusal to recycle.

LS, Sheffield