Scraping up quick snack

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Paul Young will be in his element. So will an army of toast-munching teens and skint students down to their last crust.

All love their daily bread better for being grilled to golden, both sides.

The ultimate in cheap lunches has been unveiled: the toast sandwich, a slice of toast between two slices of untoasted. This bread-fest, which can cost as little as 7.5p a round (if you opt for a squishy, white-sliced cheapie loaf) has been decreed best bargain fodder by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Wouldn’t you think they had much more interesting things to do? Things with test tubes and Bunsen burners?

They didn’t invent this humblest of sarnies; cook Mrs Beaton endorsed it in Victorian times

To my mind it’s a waste of a slice of bread. Surely a dripping buttie would be cheaper, not to mention tastier.