Scope of cuts finally laid out

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HUNDREDS of jobs lost, more expensive car parking on its way, the loss of some Police Community Support Officers and mobile libraries...

The scope of cuts to Sheffield council services is finally laid before local people. Yet we cannot help but feel there’ll be some feeling of relief when folk compare the pain being felt here to that of other councils around the country where the axe seems to have been wielded with greater ferocity.

We are told that the scope of the cuts has been lessened due to preparations which have been underway for some time. In other words, the city council saw this grim day coming and were planning for its arrival all the while.

We believe that this is as good a result as any reasonable person could wish for in the current economic climate.

However, that will come as no comfort to those losing their jobs or to people who relied upon some services affected.

But at least there is the prospect that some of these could be reinstated once the situation picks up which, we hope, is not too far away.

New dawn for city as kids learn skills

ONE of the enduring strengths of Sheffield has been the manner in which each generation has passed on its skills and knowledge to its children.

However, the dismantling of our core industries and their replacement, to some extent, by new technology jobs has meant that this traditional process has stalled in recent years.

However it is encouraging to learn that the skills gap created by this development has not been ignored.

For business leaders and educationalists have been meeting to ensure that the next generation of school leavers has the skills to secure hi-tech jobs with local manufacturers.

Not only will this be a great opportunity for the region’s youngsters, who are being set on a skilled road to secure employment, it will also be a new dawn for Sheffield as we see a fresh generation pick up talents and abilities to be passed on in years to come.

Merry February!

MERRY Christmas...again! The jingle bells have been jangling once more in the Sheffield area after a pub celebrated the festive season for a second time. First time round, the George and Dragon at Mosborough had to cancel its annual Christmas lunch for regulars because so many of them were snowed in at home.

But landlord Paul Hammond-Mott came up with the idea of staging it in February - and ended up with a runaway success on his hands. In fact, he had to serve up two sessions for his festive customers. It just goes to show that Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to come but once a year.