School is taking uniform rules to extremes

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I am sick to the back teeth of Eckington school: they implemented a new uniform in Sept 2009 and that is all they seem to be bothered about.

They keep changing the rules of this policy, you question it and they do not take it on board. You must wear the school blazer to enter and leave school grounds, fair enough until winter when you have to buy a coat two sizes bigger to accommodate it. Then the coat is to big for out of school so you have to buy another winter coat.

When in lessons pupils were able to remove blazer if they wished too, now they have changed this. If you have a black V-neck jumper on which is on the school uniform list you cannot remove the blazer unless you remove the jumper as they class the jumper as optional. The blazer is restricting when they do class work.

When boys play football at breaks they get told off for removing blazers. This even happened when it was red hot last year. In winter at break they check under winter coat to make sure blazer is worn or pupil is disciplined.

I agree with uniform but this school is taking it to the extreme and seems more concerned about uniform than the pupils learning.

Angry parent, name and address supplied