Schizophrenic jailed for waving knife at police

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A ‘DANGEROUS’ man who waved a kitchen knife at police officers and then confessed to having ‘murderous tendencies’ has been jailed.

Somalian national Hassan Abdillahi, who has lived in Sheffield for 20 years, was handed a 16-month sentence after pleading guilty to possessing a bladed article in a public place.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the 37-year-old, who has serious mental health problems, armed himself shortly after he called police to Burngreave on March 29 this year, claiming he had been assaulted.

When they arrived Abdillahi, of Firshill Glade, Firshill, pulled out a kitchen knife. Mr Outhwaite said: “It was held out in front of the defendant and was being waved around.”

One of the officers warned Abdillahi to put the knife down, before grabbing his wrist and disarming him.

Mr Outhwaite added: “The defendant said he had been involved in an assault and went to get the knife for protection. When asked how he might have defended himself he said, ‘I will stab them’.”

Abdillahi then asked the officers to lock him up, saying: “If I am not kept in somebody might die. If I’m attacked I have murderous tendencies.”

Mr Outhwaite said Abdillahi had been previously convicted for possessing a knife in March 2008.

Abdillahi’s barrister Danny Simpson said: “Having explained what had happened he showed the police officers the knife.

“It may be he produced it in an inappropriate manner, but there’s no suggestion that he tried to attack them.”

Judge Alan Goldsack QC, sentencing Abdillahi to 16 months in jail, said: “You have paranoid schizophrenia. You are someone who needs to take regular medication but you don’t always take it.

“I’m told you don’t accept that you have a mental condition. It is a worrying case because in the wrong circumstances you are dangerous.”