Scapegoating EU will not save steel jobs

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
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Last week on Question Time, Nigel Farage tried to make the most of other people’s suffering for blaming the EU for the fate of our steel industry.

This shameless attempt to exploit the real suffering of thousands of families is just the kind of cheap political stunt that we would expect from the selfish Thatcher worshipper, Farage.

Farage admitted that Germany somehow supports her industries while staying within EU regulations and that if we were outside the EU we could somehow block the dumping of cheap Chinese steel. Farage is clearly either an idiot or a liar?

I for one do not believe he is stupid, so clearly he is not being honest.


Well simple, how could we as a small ‘independent’ country block Chinese steel dumping, when our government just spent a fortune trying to win Chinese investment?

This would be unlikely to happen if we stopped importing Chinese goods.

Secondly, and by Farage’s own admission Germany supports her industries while operating within EU laws.

Germany does this because the German government has a clear interest in keeping her manufacturing industries open.

The Tories and ‘Thatcher’s heir’ Farage do not.

They want to make as much money as possible by doing as little as possible. Doesn’t that sum up Farage the commodities trader?

Privatisation of our industries and globalisation is devastating our communities, just as it has for so many other countries.

Only by having a government prepared to intervene when things get tough can we weather these storms.

We all bought out the banks when they crashed.

Is it not time that we bought up the steel industries and invested in our country’s future?

As always UKIP and Farage offer no real answers.

They simply try to exploit the suffering of others for their own cheap political ends.

Mark Jones