Scale down this vast housing plan

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My family and I wish to protest at Rotherham Council’s new plan for house building and the ‘urban extension’ they want to create in Dinnington and Anston (centred on Lakeland Drive, Swinston Hill and Woodsetts Road).

Altogether 1,100 houses will be built in and around the Dinnington/Anston area, almost double the growth over the last comparable period.

700 houses will be built on local green belt which is used for recreation and is also amongst the most valuable agricultural land in the borough.

The local playing fields at the end of Birkdale Avenue are green belt and owned by the people of Dinnington, yet this valuable recreation land has been earmarked as available for homes because a housing developer wants to build on it.

Over the last few weeks the senior council official Karl Battersby has made much positive spin from the council’s decision to reduce the number of houses to be built in Rotherham, but he hasn’t changed his plans for Dinnington.

1,100 houses will bring thousands of people who will need schools, doctors, dentists, roads and other essential local services.

The council have proposed a small amount of new infrastructure to cope with the growth in population, but crucially no money is available for it.

Are the houses being built for local people?

No, most will go to internal migrants from other parts of the UK, mainly Sheffield.

So why are they building so many houses here? They’re not that keen to say.

The council have refused freedom of information requests for details of correspondence they have had with housing developers over the plans, claiming commercial sensitivity and confidentiality.

They claim to be ‘consulting’ on the plans, but the developers have even started partitioning off the land which is supposedly still under consultation.

Enough is enough; these plans should be scaled back to a sustainable level.

Lewis Sadler, Hereward Road, Sheffield. Christine Sadler, Anna Sadler, The Oval, North Anston