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Sean Bean
Sean Bean
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Fans are demanding that, after more than 20 gruesome on screen deaths, Sean Bean survives his next TV outing. Colin Drury finds out more...

Now here’s an interesting online campaign.

Fans from across the world are demanding Sean Bean doesn’t die in his next TV series. The Handsworth lad (and Blades fan) has been killed more than 20 times on screen - normally in the sort of gruesome way that makes one wonder if the director is a Wednesday fan.

Among his more spectacular offings have been being blown up (Patriot Games); getting crushed (GoldenEye); being burned alive (Don’t Say A Word); chased off a cliff by cows (The Field); and finding himself tied to horses before they stampede in different directions (Black Death).

Some also say he died on screen during When Saturday Comes - but that’s a matter of critical opinion.

Now, however, fans on Twitter are demanding Sean survives his latest role in American FBI drama Legends. The hashtag #DontKillSeanBean has gone viral with heavyweight superstars like Kiefer Sutherland showing support.

But will it work? A source at TNT, which will broadcast Legends, suggests perhaps so: “I guess the outcome for the character will depend on ratings,” he said. “He’s safe for a bit.”


All of which prompted one broadsheet writer to recall interviewing our Sean 26 years ago when he was but a young struggling actor in London.

“Bean had suggested that one of us run up the hill for chips,” recalled the Observer reporter. “I thought he was joking, until he recited a favourite song which he’d often chanted at Sheffield United games.”

It was, of course, The Greasy Chip Butty Song.