Save care home

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Having read about the possible closure of two care homes in Sheffield I feel I have to speak out on this unnecessary move by the council.

I cannot comment on the Seven Hills Home but I can put my bit in about Hazelhurst, on Dyche Drive, Jordanthorpe.

I have a friend, a certain M, who works there but the dedication of this man goes beyond his job description.

He came to work in the caring profession a bit late in life but his tolerance, respect and love for the people in his care is plain to see – and he is not an isolated worker with these values. All his colleagues have the same aptitudes.

You can tell M cares about what he does and I can assure you it’s not for the money!

Hazelhurst is small compared to some homes in the city but it is clean and residents are well cared for and always kept clean and dressed as they would be in their own homes.

Hazlehurst was assessed not too long ago by the Commission for Social Care and rated as giving a good quality, two-star service. This assessment was not just from walking round and opening doors and looking in cupboards. Residents and their families were interviewed and they said things such as: ‘I’m very happy here’, ‘the staff and care are very good’, ‘staff treat us very well, they are marvellous’. It was also noted that people looked clean and received a very good level of personal care.

Hazelhurst was clean and tidy and no unpleasant odours were noticeable. How many care homes can claim that?

The home has two small lounges for residents that give a very homely feel and they can easily speak to friends across the lounge without shouting. In short it’s a home from home.

Has the council thought about people instead of money? Residents have seen enough pain and tragedy in their lives and should be left to the rest of their lives without the upheaval of being moved away from their friends and put into another home that is not a patch on Hazelhurst and in some cases will cause irrevocable harm to some of them.

I urge the council to look for other ways to save money and hope they decide that it would be a terrible injustice to move these vulnerable old people and to make the well oiled staff machine that runs the place redundant.

Vin Malone, S14