Sansom’s sad demise

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Reading the Sunday tabloids last weekend, my eyes were drawn to the tragic story of Kenny Sansom, late of Arsenal and many other clubs, and a stalwart defender for England with 86 caps.

The poor man is reduced to drinking wine in the mornings and bottles of Night Nurse syrup to help him sleep, and it got me thinking about a work colleague and great friend of mine who died last year.

He was kind, generous, a top bloke as we say, but was blighted by alcohol dependency in the same way as Kenny, Charles Kennedy and Gazza.

It got me thinking, can’t we do more as a nation, a community, to help these people who but for the grace of God go I, or anyone.

I would say to players like Wayne Rooney and the top players, give something out of your massive earnings to help, because it could be you in their shoes.

I wish I’d done more to help my great friend Andy. I and many people miss him loads.