Same sex marriages

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A REMINDER to anybody who thinks they have the right to change the law that allows same sex marriage. It isn’t a crime to love someone, but marriage is for man and woman and creates children by the union, if you’re lucky.

So be happy with love if you are gay, but please don’t offend the Almighty by saying he’s wrong.

Jontae Singh, Gleadless

Thatcher on film

Didn’t Thatcher star in another film, called Witchfinder General? Only in that film she had Matthew Hopkin after her and not the Labour Government.

Polly Cardew, Chapeltown

Have pets neutered

I would like to thank Stella White of the RSPCA for replying to my letter about the cat in the fire.

I do worry about people having cats (and dogs) and not having them neutered. I am so relieved to hear that the rescued kittens were neutered and I do hope that more people will be responsible enough to follow the examples in the letter.

Also can I say what a delight it is that Ben Parkinson has been chosen to carry the Olympic torch through Yorkshire. What a star! Good luck to him.


Clegg made me cringe

Clegg’s speech to his faithful made me cringe this Christmas. ‘There will be tougher times to come,’ he said.

Yes Nicky, you’re right. It’s called total wipeout for you and yours at the next elections.

Katherine Cantor, Hallam, ex-Lib voter