Safe city is a student haven

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STUDENTS have always been attracted to Sheffield, not just because it’s an exciting place to live, but also because it is one of the safest university cities in the country.

The long-held belief that Sheffield is really a series of villages serves to bolster the belief that it’s safe.

And now there is official confirmation thanks to campus crime rates based on official police data.

In Yorkshire, only York has a lower crime rate while Sheffield also has the lowest rate of violent crime in the region.

Students wil be relieved to read such reassuring news but it is not time to be complacent.

Undergraduates have to live and work in inner city areas which can be prone to crime and it’s significant that about 20 per cent of student robberies occur in the first six weeks of the academic year.

Perhaps they are naive, perhaps they are targeted, but whatever the truth it is clear that this is the key period to monitor their wellbeing.

We are confident the police are alive to the situation, it is up to the universities to ensure the students are too.

When winning silver is best

THE Made in Sheffield mark is a unique brand in the world and one that companies in the Steel City aspire to have.

Reaching that quality threshold takes determination, skill and commitment.

Companies are proud enough to be able to carry that mark on their goods.

But for one firm, it now has added significance.

For Chimo Holdings, not only has the Made in Sheffield mark, but can now also put the Olympics logo on a special edition set of cutlery to be sold to commemorate the games.

Its set of silver spoons has been endorsed by the Olympics organisation to mark London 2012.

Chimo Holdings has done our city proud in reflecting our rich heritage and steel-making tradition.

Like father like son

CREDIT to the father and son who chased a drink driver after he crashed.

Kevin and Kiefer Dixon, from Barnsley, sprang into action after watching the drunk driver crash into a tree before abandoning his vehicle and running off.

But the courageous duo apprehended him and were rightly honoured with a Commanders Commendation for their efforts.

Such a courageous and public-spirited act deserves recognition. They didn’t think about the risk to themselves, they saw a wrong and wanted it put right.