Sad buildings are now gone

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I’ve just been reading a letter from one of the readers who mentions Bowdwon Street and the Little Mesters workshops.

He says one was of Frank Nicholson’s workshop in a three-floored building.

There were several old factories on that road, including G Darwin and Sons, scissors and shears makers at no 49. Thomas Flint and Co, saw manuafactuers, were at no 412 at the top of Bowdon Street.

They were the only two factories I sketched in the early 60s when I read about the street.

I remembered doing my drawings over 50 years ago.

I unearthed them from the back of the wardrobe and will be doing some paintings of them soon.

There were some really skilled workers using the Little Mesters buildings, although it wasn’t a very long street.

It ran from Wellington Street to Button Lane, which came out at the top of The Moor, near where the Old Angel pub, an old coaching inn, stood.

Some other interesting workshops, also on Bowdon Street, were Maleham and Yeomans Ltd, cutlery manufacturers; H Fierka, cutlery case makers; Richardson and Son, mark letter makers; A Mills, brace and bit makers; Marshall and Jenkinson, surgical scissor maker; Matthew Cotterill, cutler.

Sheffield was full of them, and as far as I can remember, they were in the St Phillips area, West Street, Brook Hill, West Bar, Holly Lane, near the City Hall, which was razed to make a much-needed car park!

Why could some of the buildings have not been saved and renovated?

Conrad Lorenz

Steade Road