Runners and cyclists over-working their dogs

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A plea to runners and cyclists who take their dogs with them.

Another dog recently lost in Derbyshire when it got separated from its owners who are runners, was sadly found dead in the Derwent Valley area.

All too often one sees exhausted dogs trying to keep up with owners who are cyclists or runners. However fit a dog is, it has its limits and they can be reached far sooner than a lot of people seem to think – especially if the dog is trying to keep up with someone on a bike. Whether a dog falls behind through tiredness or gets distracted by wildlife and chases off after another animal, it can result in a very sad ending to the day.

Some runners and cyclists have their dogs on very long leads, so at least they know where their dog is and hopefully some keep a check on their dog.

Unfortunately, that often does not appear to be the case. Please don’t let your dog’s day out end in tragedy.

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