Rule of law is partly to blame

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The local Green Party is glad there have been no disturbances in Sheffield. We don’t condone crime and violence and we share the sadness of all ordinary people about the suffering of individuals, families and businesses in other parts of the country.

The rule of law, which has broken down, must be a part of a healthy, tolerant and vibrant democracy. Without it, people cannot conduct their lives knowing they are protected from criminality.

But we see what has happened in context: the rule of law has allowed bankers to get away with obscene bonuses; the rule of law saw many MPs get away with expenses scams; the rule of law has seen politicians too afraid of the power of press barons to act in the best interests of constituents; the rule of law has seen unprecedented cuts aimed at the poorest to pay for a financial crisis caused by the richest; the rule of law sees company after company seeking to avoid paying taxes.

These, too, are symptoms of the sickness we must heal. Too many of us have lost faith in half-hearted attempts to treat the growing sickness with policies that don’t work.

Peter Garbutt, Green Party

Opening hours

today I went to Blackstock Road. I have to do this on my day off since the opening times have been changed by the council – the council I pay. I used to go after work but can’t do that now as it shuts at six not 7.30. The lads on site, who’re poorly paid, say the council plans to shut all sites in Sheffield for three days a week to save money! Cut something else not this, it’s madness.

S Norton, Arbourthorne