Rude, inconsiderate driver, you know who you are

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My name is Val and I work for Arriva Ambulance Service on an High Dependancy Ambulance.

On Saturday, January 31, on Constable Road my colleague and I after fighting through the snow on Sheffield’s side roads finally managed to get an elderly lady home from hospital.

It was no easy task pushing a wheelchair through the snow to her residence, however she was truly grateful and we made sure she was safe and settled.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances of weather conditions and abandoned cars we had no choice but to double park in order to get our patient home. A removal lorry in front of us waiting to come out was very good and waited while we got back into our ambulance to reverse out of the side road because the road ahead was impassable.

I would like to ‘thank ‘ the car parked at the back of us who point blank refused to reverse and let us out.

Several polite requests to let us out failed, even the requests of the removal men failed. By now quite a big audience had built up and still the family in the car refused to reverse to let us pass.

By this time we had received notification about attending another patient. We then reluctantly had no choice but to call the police. I informed the family in the car that we had called the police but still they refused to move. We could not move forward or backwards so we had no choice. I then went back to my vehicle put my blue lights on, still he refused to move.

After 30 minutes the driver reluctantly reversed five yards, and as we passed and thanked him he gave us the one-finger salute.

Once again I would like to’ thank’ the family in the car and should they ever need an ambulance I do hope it is not delayed on route by people like you.

You know who you are.


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