Royal party has costly aftermath

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A PARTY for the Royal Wedding had a disastrous aftermath for one Doncaster householder when she inadvertently started a fire.

Fire crews have repeated warnings about the safe disposal of garden and barbecue ashes after a woman’s conservatory was destroyed in Edlington.

Embers from a chiminea, used during a party to celebrate Friday’s Royal Wedding, ignited a wheelie bin on Pavilion Close the following day.

The embers had been disposed of in a plastic bag and placed in the wheelie bin which was close to a conservatory.

It smouldered for some time before the bin fire spread to the conservatory, destroying its contents, which included furniture and a hi-fi.

Firefighters from Edlington and Doncaster fire stations were on the scene in less than four minutes, quickly putting out the fire and preventing it from spreading to the rest of the house.

Homeowners are advised to make sure ashes are properly extinguished before disposing of them, and store wheelie bins away from sheds and buildings.