Row over new homes figures

Denis MacShane
Denis MacShane
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A SOUTH Yorkshire MP has spoken out over the lack of new homes being built.

Dennis MacShane said work was registered with the National House Building Council for just four new homes in Rotherham in the first three months of the year.

Mr MacShane also revealed that in the last quarter of 2010, only two new homes were started and, since the new Government came into office a year ago, fewer than 20 homes have been built in his Rotherham constituency.

Mr MacShane said: “This is the most damning indictment of David Cameron’s and Nick Clegg’s cuts policy which has killed confidence in anyone buying new homes.

“The latest figures show a 36 per cent cut in new construction projects because of government cuts.

“This is a devastating blow for building workers and their firms.

“Bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and plasterers in Rotherham and South Yorkshire will face a bleak future under this right-wing government if the rises in taxation and the cuts in spending power mean fewer than 20 homes get built each year.”

A Rotherham Council spokeswoman said the National House Builders Council was only one of the organisations which registers new house starts.

She said in fact, work started on 33 properties between January and March this year.

“The NHBC statistics are misleading because a common misconception is that all homes must have an NHBC certificate, when in reality the requirement is to have a New Home Warranty Guarantee.

“The warranty can be administered by any number of registered organisations of which NHBC is just one and so NHBC are only able to report the notifications for starts that they have been instructed on.

“In the Rotherham Constituency, the council’s Building Control department is engaged in a number of schemes.

“The four units quoted are only a handful of the 33 actually reported.”

“In the last six months, the council has started building 29 new homes for rent within Mr MacShane’s constituency, at Rotherview Road, Canklow and five houses at Whitehill Road, Brinsworth.”