Row over massages for pupils

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Head defends school pupils massage sessions (Jan 18). Why has this suddenly come to light now?

I am in my 50s and this was never required when we went to school, nor can I ever see the benefits of it.

Also I can’t help wondering if head Chris Hobson has considered the psychological effects this could have on pupils who were perhaps not selected by a partner to have the massage for various personality reasons. The effects could have long lasting damage on a person’s character and this alone far outweighs any benefits, if there are any.

There must be far more ways of bringing the lass to relax, possibly by some educational true stories.

If anything massage after lunch would be more inclined to send the class to sleep than encourage study.

Keith Earl

We pay for sports facilities

I WOULD like to comment on the letter from Beverley Rishworth (Jan 31), regarding car park charges in Sheffield parks.

I would like to point out that in fact users of Concord Park, ‘on the other side of town’, do not charge for parking.

But it is right to point out that, predominantly, Concord is used for sport, so for her information we do pay for playing football; we do pay for a round of golf; we do pay for the use of the facilities at the first class sports centre.

As far as I know Concord is the only park with these amenities.

Also we that live ‘on the other side of town’ are not all scroungers, out of work or not. I have worked at the same place for 30 years!

Most people out of work are just plain unlucky. Is this a post code thing or what?

Karen Hopkin, Wincobank