Rotherham United: Millers supporters have their say on the Millwall fan violence at AESSEAL New York Stadium

Trouble in the Millwall end at New York Stadium. Picture: Paul Wickson
Trouble in the Millwall end at New York Stadium. Picture: Paul Wickson
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As police continue to try to track down the perpetrators of Saturday’s Millwall mob violence at AESSEAL New York Stadium, The Star asked Rotherham United fans for their experiences and opinions. Here, in their raw form, is a selection of the replies we received.

John Norris: It’s the Bairns i feel for.....Young kids just going down their favourite Football Ground to see their heroes play the game they adore, as they do week in week out. How many of them poor little ‘uns will havebeen sat crying their eyes out, scared stiff and scarred by the images of today. I really hope their parents can convince them otherwise and that today was just an isolated event, and the next generation fans of our wonderful Club aren’t put off from attending again, but i feel some may be. Hope the guilty parties feel so proud of themselves, but then again, is half a brain cell enough to accomodate emotions.

Chérie Eliza Cornish: Absolutely awful! How can people be so horrible, all those poor children scared to death to leave the stadium & people leaving needing hospital treatment! They re a joke and shouldn’t be allowed back in the grounds,especially how they were acting, smoking throwing things and trying to move the netting to get to us! Best team won at the end of the day.

Paul Soper: Disgraceful they were only here to cause trouble! Hope they drop all way to conference. Every club has its element of trouble but they were on another level it was like going back 20 odd years #noneedforit

Lewis AJ Freeman: Was stood next to a female steward when she got an object thrown at her near the ticket office. She then collapsed backwards and looked like she started to fit. Tried to shield her and tell the millwall fans to stop who were climbing up the wall and barrier. They just carried on, laughing at her

Paul Rigby: It’s one thing attacking a stand but when that stand has kids in it they scum

Stephen Beesley: Why not just stop this stupid human rights agenda and keep away fans in the ground till it’s safe for home fans to get away or rufc put better fences up ??

David Oxtoby: Disgusted with what I witnessed today not seen anything like that home or away since Swansea came to town for the champion s of league 2

Arthur Lager: Apparently one game a season they have a “day out” and turn up in numbers Rotherham was chose this season they call it Flag day or summat?? That’s why there was a lot more than normal!

Matt Heywood: Boys living off old mens reputations. Anybody can smash things up and wave their arms about at women and children. Cowards...

Angel James: It was my little brothers birthday match so it was his first as well at my little sister. Me and my 6 year old sister were nearly hit in the face by metal bolts they were throwing and I thought it was disgusting how they were saying Jommy Saville is ‘one of our owns’. Me and my family are Millers from Great Yarmouth so we travelled quite far to expirence that. I honestly understand my boyfriends hatred from Millwall..

Ian Shelswell: The most disturbing thing about the millwall fans was the fact that the trouble, was seeing 40 +year olds where the ones that started the scenes at times stepping over the segregation barriers and then finally ripping them away.Which amazes me, becauseif the police stepped in earlier and made some arrests this may have been afferted,On talking to a policeman at half time he informed me and my son that by doing that may make it worse,and later was informed it was not the rotherham supporters who created the trouble.But this still leaves a feeling, if it had been our supporters away from home doing this arrests would have taken place.They really are the scum of the earth.

Steph Kent: What I didn’t get is that they went running over to the family stand corner but still seemed to take forever to actually get into the stand while they were sorting out their gear. It was very poorly handled yesterday and once again puts SYP in a bad light. All this about not antagonising them and by basically letting them do what they want is ridiculous. It’s condoning their behaviour, if it was outside of football and a copper witnessed it or were called to an incident the guilty party would be arrested and charged.

Andrew Watson: Why were the fans allowed to mix at the end ? Why weren’t Millwall fans kept behind for 30 minutes after game ? Why were fans allowed to rampage through car park where your car is, my car is and players plus directors cars ?

Susan Medlock: My son was mascot for rotherham he realy enjoyed it apart from watching his dad get beat by police for trying to get his kids out a way pathetic is what I call it others may call it something else.

Daniel Scott: Watching Rotherham home and away 23 years I’ve never seen nothing like that absolute disgrace the millwall fans, 2 1 up that was it they charged at us Mothers and kids running away crying then outside the ground police had no control they got through the barriers quiet easy bricks and bottles getting launched cars getting smashed up hitting anyone in site absolutely mental that’s why they get the bad name they do

Tim Silvester: This exit strategy needs sorting. It’s happend before & it’ll happen again. A flimsy metal fence isn’t gonna stop people who are looking for trouble. Needs a bridge from the away end over the river. At for example the hawthorns, you have to walk down a path from the away end well away from home areas. You can’t just mix at the end & expect no trouble!

Jess Swift: I would like to say I was surprised yesterday, but I wasn’t (as I’m sure many other fans weren’t too).

Adam Rufc Barlow: To sum up the Millwall fans in three words are disgusting,moronic and childish both during and after the match and in today’s footballing world there is no place for idiots like them and why the FA haven’t done anything about it is amazing! It’s a sad sight seeing family’s run away from the ground after a much need win!

Shaun Sheep: Quite a few things, i was sat right near the away fans. 1 no smoking or drinking in the grounds but yet millwall fan was doing so and no stewards or police did anything. 2 both home and away fans where chanting at each other and the away fans took it too far shouting peodphile.3 85th minute very wrong and disrespectful what they did scaring all the kids. 4 outside the grounds what they did was very shocking i have never seen anything like it, i hope to god all injured are okay and i really hope FA do something about it, in my opinion they should be banned from all away games and be fined. As for millwalls manager not seeing anything my backside he didnt

Andrew John Senior: I would just like to know why they are allowed to travel to away games, they have no respect for anyone. They came for one thing and one thing only. I witnessed a Millwall fan walking with two children, probably eight years and under, shouting abuse at Rotherham fans and goading them. He should have been arrested.

Martin Corker: There behaviour was absolutely disgusting today ! Throwing bottles n coins at kids in the family stand then trying to get into the family stand what were they thinking ? I hope they’ve got video footage of the idiots causing trouble !

Josh Parker: I want too know why Stewards and Police handeled it as appalingly as they did. I spoke to two stewards at HT and asked why were they allowed to drink and smoke in South stand neither could give me an answer. We all knew it would kick off alot of it would have been prevented if they removed the few clowns on the left hand side of the South 10mins in. But nothing happend. Appaling too say the least.

Paul Sanderson: I take my 9 nine year old son to watch all Rotherham United home games and up to now he has loved every minute. The look in his eyes tonight after witnessing first hand the disgusting criminal childish behavior of so called football fans is heartbreaking (hope he still wants to go). Having to run back into the stadium as they broke through fences like animals is not what anyone want to see again.

Mark Haines: My 7 year old was in tears too scared to leave the stadium at the end. Thought we had seen the end of this sort of thing inside grounds.

Alison Louise Spencer: in my opinion in took far too long for the police to intervene and why did the stewards move away from where the trouble was and then go back when the millwall fans started again.

Jamie Rufc Holmes: Never seen owt like iy even when we play our local rivals just completely and utter disgrace from millwall should get banned from away games

Lewis Pursglove: I thought it was absolutely disgraceful to english football

Allan Kirst: I am a season ticket holder and love coming to watch rotherham and coming out of the match at todays game i felt scared. I hate admitting that because im generally a tough cookie but i have never, nor never want to see away fans acting like that again. I was appalled and found their attitude towards the club and fans disgusting. No need for it whatsoever.

Paul Taft: To let them come out at the same time as the home fans is absolute madness to say it’s invading their human rights is ridiculous what about common sense

Kirsty Jeffs: I took my kids today we was in the family stand. You could feel trouble building from them idiots. Then they started throwing metal objects at us just missing my 6 year old daughter she was in tears. We stayed behind in the halls near the toilets after as my daughter was crying and was to scared to leave l. Glad we did after what I’ve heard about what happen outside the ground. Hope it hasn’t scared my kids to much from going to another game as we all love football and I have never witness anything like it

Garage Land: me and my wife went down to Millwall for the game this season and the hostility which we saw today was not like that, I have been to the new den 5 times and have not experienced anything like that I ran a pub in south east London for two years and was living there when we won 6 nil at the new den and I still had a good banter ,today was more than football I am very suspicious that a lot of there contingent were not real fans,today was shocking behaviour and what I witnessed was disgraceful.

Richard Hind: Well if started with them singing about us being a town full of paedophiles and ended in them firstly trying to attack us across the segregated zone then kicking off big time outside the ground, injuring innocent people and scaring lots of kids. They should find the perpetrators and ban them for life

Lee Fandango Guilliam: My mate was sat in family stand and he said there were a lot of Rotherham fans goading the Millwall fans and throwing things into the crowd....soon as the Millwall fans charged them.they legged it....hope they find these fans too and ban em

Gary Holden: I was in family stand and the rotherham fans sat next to segregation didn’t look like family orientated people tbf