Rotherham trial: Brothers ‘sold underage girls for sex in Sheffield’

Arshid Hussain
Arshid Hussain
  • Alleged victim says girls were brought to Sheffield to be sold as prostitutes
  • Woman says brothers who ‘ruled Rotherham’ made her handle drugs and guns
  • Claims that police officers were passing information to brothers and gave them a ‘free card’
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A Rotherham child grooming gang took underage girls to Sheffield to be sold on the street for sex, a court has heard.

One of 12 alleged victims told Sheffield Crown Court that she and her sister were among the girls brought to the city to be prostituted.

In a video interview with police played to the jury, the woman – known as Girl D – said she had been abused by defendants Arshid Hussain and Basharat Hussain from the age of 14.

The two brothers are among five men and two women who deny playing roles in the sexual exploitation of young girls in the town.

Girl D said as well as sexually assaulting her and her sister themselves, the brothers made her handle guns and drugs for them.

She added: “They used to take us up Sheffield when we would go working on the beat.

“It was not just me and my sister, there were quite a lot of us.”

She said the men would be paid and she would be given a small amount.

The now 32-year-old woman said the two men, together with a third brother called ‘Bono’, had ‘ruled Rotherham’.

She alleged police officers had been passing information to the brothers.

“It weren’t just me, there were other young girls,” she said.

“How could I go to a police officer and tell them what were happening to me when they are more involved with them?

“The police gave them a free card to do what they wanted. How could us women go to police officers and tell them all these things when they would go straight back and tell them? You couldn’t, you couldn’t.”

The woman said that after police had contacted her as an adult, a man had threatened her by putting a gun in her mouth and warning her not to speak about the brothers.

“He said, ‘Open your mouth and this is what you get’. I were that scared I actually wet myself,” she said.

She said that when Arshid Hussain had violently sexually assaulted her for the first time when she was 14, he had called her a ‘white bitch’ and ‘white trash’.

The woman said later that same day, Basharat Hussain had sex with her.

The woman said she has been deeply affected by what happened to her as a teenager.

“I have to get undressed in the dark sometimes – I hate myself, I actually hate myself,” she said.

The trial continues.