Rotherham single mum hairdresser

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I know I am getting on a bit, (well I won’t see 60 again, put it that way), but I have struggled to discern what moral Star readers are expected to draw from Alex Evans’ piece about Rotherham hairdresser and single mum Bev Wright.

With her wrinkle-free skin and tight-fitting dresses she could, Alex assures us, pass for someone half her age.

Apparently, she owes this laudable achievement to avoiding any kind of commitment or, as Alex prefers, “relationship” - the longest of which was with her daughter’s father: seven months.

Having turned 40, Bev decided to reclaim her life by dating men between the ages of 25 and 32, (did she ask to see their birth certificates?) but she would then ditch them after one “date”.

She also likes to “squeeze into” her 14-year old daughter’s clothes and looks forward to the day when her daughter becomes her “competition” and they go out on the pull together.

Interestingly, Alex doesn’t seem to have asked Bev’s daughter what she thinks of that.

Paul Kenny