Rotherham Council commissioners to cost around £300,000 per year

Riverside House, headquarters of Rotherham Council. Pic: Asadour Guzelian
Riverside House, headquarters of Rotherham Council. Pic: Asadour Guzelian
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Rotherham’s team of Government-appointed commissioners are to cost taxpayers £300,000 per year - but promise to provide ‘value for money’ to the town.

The five commissioners were brought in as a result of the town’s grooming scandal and are due to be in post until March 2019.

Sir Derek Myers

Sir Derek Myers

They were appointed in February after a report by civil servant Louise Casey found the council was still ‘in denial’ about the extent of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and was not fit for purpose.

Lead commissioner Sir Derek Myers has now told BBC Radio Sheffield that they will cost the town £300,000 per year - but added around £200,000 is being saved by not paying allowances to leading councillors who previously were in charge of the decision-making process.

He said the net additional cost of having the commissioners in place would be around £70,000 per year.

Sir Derek said: “We will give value for that and get the council back on track.”

He added that council cutbacks mean some difficult spending decisions will have to be made.

Sir Derek said: “We want to be very focused on the things we have come here to fix most urgently.

“We will try and improve everything we can touch.

“The budget reality is painful. We will be employing less people, we have to do things differently in a different way.”

Sir Derek is being paid £800 a day and Stella Manzie, managing director commissioner, is being paid an annual fee of £160,000.

The three other commissioners are all being paid £700 per day. It is hoped the commissioners may be able to hand back power earlier than 2019 if meaningful improvements are made.