Rotherham abuse of power row asks questions of police

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In the Star letter D Brennan says Mr Shaun Wright is an honourable man, a victim of witch-hunt journalism and the victims are under the misapprehension he was Police and Crime Commissioner at the time.

D Brennan does not mention Mr Wright was head of Rotherham Children’s Services from 2005 to 2010 and elected Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012. The report determined the abuse from 1997 to 2013 and has continued until now.

Where D Brennan is entirely correct is in highlighting the much more guilty police, the current Chief Constable, David Crompton and previous Chief Constable, Med Hughes.

The question people should be asking is why are the police untouchable?

I contend the reason is they are one of the tools of the establishment, the very rich, the banks, corporations, media barons, there when required to discourage and restrict our right to public demonstrations and protest, to keep us quiet and maintain the status quo.

Of course the main tool of the establishment, with few exceptions are lickspittle politicians, who will do almost anything for votes and power.

We should elect independent MPs, answerable only to their constituents, with the power of recall, not the party hacks we have now.

Perhaps we would then not find ourselves with situations as now.

We are faced with the industrial abuse of children across the country, or enter into illegal wars, based on lies and propaganda, bringing death, injury and displacement of millions and then the resulting chaos, which allows evil men and women, like those in ISIL to flourish, continue the cycle and here we go again and with only ourselves to blame.

A Hides

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