Roads are a bigger problem than trees

Potholes on Devonshire Road, Dore. Picture: Andrew Roe
Potholes on Devonshire Road, Dore. Picture: Andrew Roe
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I am writing to petition against the felling of the trees on Rustlings Road.

I have been a resident in Sheffield on and off all my life and when I got the opportunity to buy a house in the S11 area near Rustlings Road, despite the house prices I jumped at the chance.

My grandson and I now spend happy hours, just as my daughter did, 30 years ago, walking, running and riding around in this part of Sheffield and the trees are fundamental to the ambiance and beauty of the area.

These trees are iconic and irreplaceable.

Sheffield Council and Nick Clegg issued a statement during a pre-election campaign promising to improve all the roads; a project seems to be still under way to some extent across the city.

However, the roads remain a significantly bigger problem than the trees.

Rustlings Road was resurfaced earlier this year.

I can appreciate the fact that pavements are affected by tree roots but if safety of people is the driving force behind the proposal to fell these trees then the money would be better spent getting all the roads in Sheffield resurfaced.

I have just spent £700 on my car: suspension, engine mountings, tyres, damage as a result of being a Sheffield resident who has been using a car in the S10 and S11 areas for eight years. Fulwood Road is one of the worst in the area, which is a main commuter route for buses, cyclists and cars.

I care about the environment and there is scientific evidence supporting the fact that the planet needs mature trees, not to mention the wildlife that thrives in this area because of the woodland.

It makes me very sad to think that this beautiful part of Sheffield could be changed for ever, particularly when there are more pressing needs for the city’s funds.

Tracy Tunbridge